Who’s Got the Speediest Cell Broadband? Dash, Verizon and AT&T Speed Tests

So you open up your browser and hop above to Google. You variety in some thing like:

“Who has the fastest mobile broadband?”

three sites that search very familiar pop up declaring things like:

“BroadbandAccess Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO) network from Verizon Wi-fi has been increased with EV-DO Rev. A to produce even more rapidly data speeds and increased efficiencies. Fast downloads – normal speeds of 600 Kbps to 1.four Mbps. Rapidly uploads – normal speeds of five hundred-800 Kbps.”

“With a Dash Mobile Broadband Card, you get average obtain speeds of 600-1400 Kbps, peaking at 3.one Mbps, and 350-500 Kbps average upload speeds, peaking at one.8 Mbps. Similar to DSL, and about 10 occasions more rapidly than employing a dial-up modem”

” AT&T delivers the broadband pace and responsiveness of BroadbandConnect…the most current 3G gadgets offer standard down load throughput of seven-hundred kbps to one.7 Mbps for downloads and five hundred kbps to one.2 Mbps for upload”


Just give it to me straight Doc. Converse English. How in the entire world is a person supposed to determine out who’s the fastest with this ‘can’t sue me’ attorney-speak?

All the ranges appear to overlap. Even searching at 4gbredband mobilt bredbånd , Verizon and Dash seem equivalent…till, that is, you understand they are only theoretical. A very best case scenario that’s not as well optimistic.

It really is just like your speedometer’s assortment that goes from mph to a hundred and twenty mph. Just due to the fact 120 mph is on your dashboard isn’t going to mean your rusty 16 calendar year old Honda Civic Hatchback with the flashing motor examine gentle is gonna make it.

The organizations also know you cannot get in touch with them on it since ‘there are as well numerous variables’. What had been the street circumstances like? How fast ended up you heading? When final have you had a tune-up? What was the temperature like? Do you know how a lot of cell cellphone towers had been in the area? How a lot of satellites have been positioned close to you at the time? Or my personalized preferred ‘You have been most likely roaming and we have no management above other networks’.

It is like making an attempt to get refreshing natural and organic vegetables at McDonald’s. It’s just not gonna happen.

It just is what it is my friend.

The only way down to the nitty gritty and feast on the uncooked truth is to get out into the wild. Outside the house of my own testing, I attract on the ordeals of others from ComputerWorld, Gizmodo and jkOnTheRun. I am going to give you a rapid chronological recap of what happened with every:

ComputerWorld – Which 3G Network Is The Ideal? – 05/thirteen/08


New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Broadband Cards:

(AT&T) Sierra Wi-fi USBConnect 881, (Dash) Novatel Wireless Ovation U727 and (Verizon) Sierra Wireless USB AirCard 595U

Consequence: AT&T experienced the maximum greatest speed (one.6 Mbps), average download pace (755 Kbps) and upload velocity (484 Kbps)

Gizmodo – The Definitive Coast-to-Coast 3G Knowledge Test – twelve/17/08


Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York Town, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, San Francisco and the Bay Area

Broadband Cards:

AT&T’s Sierra USBConnect 881, Sprint’s Sierra Wireless Compass 597 and Verizon Wireless’s Novatel USB727

Outcomes: Sprint experienced the optimum countrywide regular obtain speed (one.4 Mbps) even though AT&T (640 kbps) had the optimum common add pace

jkOnTheRun – 3G SpeedTest: EV-DO vs. HSDPA in Phoenix – 12/27/08

Area: Phoenix, AZ

Broadband Cards: Verizon Wi-fi USB727, AT&T USB Quicksilver

Benefits: Verizon experienced the highest down load pace (2.one Mbps) and upload speed (744 Kbps)

So right here we have received 3 various tests all displaying an individual else as the winner. It truly is barely surprising. Cellular broadband speeds do differ from place to spot. The only way to get a distinct winner is to check in a number of locations, just take a couple averages and then see who will come out on top.

Because Gizmodo’s check was the most comprehensive, it’s honest to say its also the most dependable. Dash is kicking butt in the cellular broadband game. Even if you only compare the assessments Gizmodo carried out in New York Town alongside the assessments ComputerWorld ran in NYC, Sprint nevertheless beats AT&T in down load and upload velocity.

Dash is clearly the winner all round and supplies critical competitiveness in every spot. If set with each other the simple fact that they’re the speediest, premier cell broadband network, you’ve got a double whammy.

It is no wonder that Andy Abramson of Functioning Everywhere suggests Sprint. He spends about $900 for each thirty day period testing cell broadband and wi-fi net relevant solutions. Looks like he may know a issue or two.

To defeat a lifeless horse even even more…

I have personally tested it over 1001 miles of freeway at 70 miles for every hour (New Orleans to Jacksonville and Tampa to Atlanta). I experienced my connection get dropped as soon as…for 15 minutes total. That is solid.

Now prior to we all begin bowing down to the amazing community that is Sprint, ComputerWorld details out some issues you need to know:

“Employing this engineering can be a little bit like getting on a roller coaster. I identified that I could be screaming alongside at 1.1Mbit/sec. only to have speeds sluggish to a crawl at 20Kbit/sec. a moment later. Which is because, as with all mobile service, speed and dependability rely on a selection of conditions, such as how much you are from a cell tower, how numerous other end users are connected in your vicinity and how a lot data they are transferring”.

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